Join our guided tour of Heli Center

Heli Center Grand Flight Simulator Tour 2019

Lead by our staff, the tour leads you through our high-tech facility, introduces you to the history of helicopter development, and ends with a once in a lifetime experience, the flight simulation! In our museum, you can also see different models of helicopters and take extraordinary pictures with a helicopter.

Become a helicopter pilot for one day with us!

Fly a helicopter


Experience a once in a lifetime adventure in the WORLD'S BEST HELICOPTER SIMULATOR!

Fly above different worldwide destinations.
Enjoy fascinating views as if in a real helicopter. Feel the greatness of our simulator.


Mi-171 Simulator
Mi-17-1V Simulator
Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT)
Full Flight Simulator

  • Reliable helicopter training system
  • Real cockpit with real flight instruments
  • Real feel graphics
  • Flying in different weather conditions
  • Flying in different destinations
We are situated in


Only 45 kilometers (approximately 28 miles) from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, The Center has been specifically designed, built, and equipped for helicopter aircrew and technical personnel training. Today, the Aviation Training Center is the most exclusive center in Europe with an Mi-17 Full Flight Simulator (FFS).
Pilots from four different continents learned to fly a helicopter on our simulators.

Join them, and come fly with us!

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